Clinical Analysis for your pet in San Pedro de Alcántara

About Us

We are Dr. Hormigo’s Veterinarian clinic based in San Pedro de Alcántara. Our company is highly competitive in the sector of vets where we always offer to our client’s comprehensive and professional care in all queries. After more than 20 years of services in all types of pets, we can guarantee responsibility and seriousness.
On the other hand of the heath, we are also concerned about the hygiene (Higya Pecoris, Salus Populis) and pet’s diet (We are what we eat). Otherwise, for this reason we provide apart from the clinic and hospitalization from a canine hairdresser and aesthetic service (the best groomer for your pet). We worry about the food of pets and it is why we personified and specialist the food for each animal. Also, we have an operating room that has the best plant and have too the inhalation anaesthesia.
We want to offer you a comprehensive care and you can also ask us about all types of accessories for your pet like:

  • Complements.
  • Sweater.
  • Necklaces.
  • Harness.
  • Etc.
We do clinical tests for highly guaranteed health for your pets. Soon we will have hair dyeing with therapeutic and hair reinforcement, according to specific need indicated from the doctor veterinary service.
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Clínica Veterinaria San Pedro Doctor Hormigo

We guarantee the total satisfaction of our service.
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